Weight drops

Developing our Weightdrops program which is described in this book, is a dream come true, because we know after working with thousands of people all over the world that it means the end of so much suffering, disease and even early death. Yet, while working with this wonderful weight loss method, we discovered, as many other health professionals do, that a lot of people need more mental and emotional support.

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The book

You can lose up to 7 pounds a week without being hungry. The program consists of weight drops, a low calorie phase and a maintenance phase. During the low calorie phase you consume 500 calories a day from our delicious recipes or other HCG program recipes. The rest of your daily calories are supplied by your own fat burning process aided by the drops. If you follow the directions to the letter, you will not regain weight.

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I have written this book to instill hope and to help you overcome obesity. I specially devote this program to everyone who continues to struggle with weight loss despite having already made some healthy lifestyle changes. This book is also especially helpful for parents of overweight children. Although parents always try to do the best for their children, they often lead by the unsuccessful example, simply because they do not have suffficient information based on proven methods

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Losing weight has never been so easy

We know that no matter how successful you are, getting a grip on food is the hardest thing. We all know that diets often don’t work in the long run and that no matter what diet we choose we are still (hoping) unable to fit into the clothes hidden in the back of our closets. Many health professionals preach that just eating differently and exercising will do the trick. Yet for many of us this is simply not true. Our HCG program has worked for thousands of our clients in our private and professional clinics all over the world. After 30 years of fine tuning our program we are now ready to offer it to you online.

Scrambled egg with shrimp, cherry tomato and oregano

Scrambled egg with shrimp, cherry tomato and oregano

Pili pili (very hot pepper) chicken from the Algarve with grilled zucchini

Pili pili (very hot pepper) chicken from the Algarve with grilled zucchini

Tuna salad with endive boats and lime