Is the HCG program supported medically?

The off-label use of HCG has not been officially approved for weight loss, however, its use has been safely and effectively applied for weight loss worldwide for over 60 years. Several double blind randomized and single blind studies have been published in scientific journals proving HCG’s effectiveness  in weight loss. (Articles from W.L. Asher; H.A. Gusman; D.O. Belluscio, are well-designed  informative studies, yielding positive results of the HCG Cure program).

Are there any side effects?

As previously mentioned, no serious side effects have ever occurred. Some people may experience a slight headache, dizziness or joint pain during the first few days but this quickly disappears.  These symptoms may  be due to the release of toxins from your fat cells during the cleansing stage.

How does the coaching work?

There are 3 coaching options offered. 1. You can phone in with a single question about coaching or the program itself. 2. You can subscribe to the 40 days downloadable program, or 3.  You can sign up individual phone sessions. Read more about Coaching →

Is the program really for everyone?

In some cases of eating disorders the HCG Cure is not advisable. Depending on the circumstances we suggest some clients, before, during and sometimes after the treatment, to seek supervision by a coach or clinical psychologist.

I’m afraid I might return to my old habits. How do I prevent this?

Make sure that you are supported by some form of coaching, therapy, or support group. See above.

Can anyone do this?

Yes! Successful weight loss is usually a question of your own personal conviction, motivation and responsibility. You have to literally observe your food requirements. Nothing more or less.

I have heard some criticism about the HCG treatment. Will you address this?

This criticism is based mainly upon 16 studies of poor methodological quality that did not follow the Simeons protocol precisely. In other words,  these studies are ‘bad science’. They argue — wrongly — that HCG is not effective in losing weight. One judgment is based on an a scientifically biased study that was published in 1995 by Dr. GK Leijsen in an English Journal, The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, comparing the efficacy of HCG. The research data was wrongly interpreted in a so called meta-analysis. An interesting fact to note is that one of the authors was an adviser of a pharmaceutical firm that produces HCG and another author was a health inspector (some politicians might consider this as a conflict of interest).

I think the eating regiment is easy to do, but after a few weeks it gets pretty dull. What can I do about it?

Star Chef and co-author of this book, Robert Peppelenbos, has created wonderful recipes for the HCG program. Your can use these directly as they are written or as a base for your own inventive recipes.

What do I do when I go out to eat?

Let the cook know that you are taking medicines that cannot be associated with oil and ask him to clean the pans before preparing the vegetables, white fish or fat free chicken.

Can I really not have one bite of anything ‘banned’ in Stage 1 — not a drop — not a handful of chips — not a glass of wine?

TRUE. Any snack food that contains sugar or fat stops the action of HCG and you will fall behind in your weight loss goal by three days and possibly even gain some weight. Licorice tea, peppermint or peach tea with Stevia, may immediately satisfy your craving for sweets.

Does everything have to be organic and eco, is that not expensive?

For the best results you should eat antibiotic and hormone free animal protein — after all, these compounds inhibit weight loss. Organic food is always the safest choice for your own health because meet additional legal requirements for the animal food and the use of antibiotics. During the treatment you save a lot of money on shampoo, cosmetics, oil and sugar free food and alcohol! These savings will cover the cost of the more expensive eco-and bio-products.

I hate sports and I am not a person who likes to exercise. What to do?

There is surely a form of exercise that appeals to you. Dancing, hiking, biking, hula hoops, swimming … Exercise stimulates the thyroid to burn fat, so it is vital for all people. Although if difficult, try to find a form of exercise that is fulfilling for you and one you may eventually enjoy.

What about diet products like diet coke?

You can consume these, if necessary, during Stage 1. However a word of warning: the artificial sweeteners often interfere with proper thyroid functioning. This may inhibit the weight loss action of the HCG.

Definitely stop after the HCG-Cure, because all artificial sweeteners were developed as ant poison! In the long run they are believed to be very unhealthy and dangerous. If you’re looking at an internet search engine for the words ‘danger cyclamates’ or ‘danger sucralose’, you will certainly think twice before having these types of drinks again!

Popcorn is one of the leanest snacks, but it is still prohibited. Why?

You cannot eat popcorn because it is from corn. Corn is a starch that contains oil (corn oil is made from corn). Neither starch nor oil are allowed during Stage 1 and 2 of the program. If popcorn is prepared without fat or butter it is allowed after Stage 2.

There are different kinds of HCG over the internet. How do they work?

Although more research is needed we have seen positive results with both homeopathic HCG and the Weightdrops. The most important contributing factor of the success is precisely adhering to the right protocol of Simeons.

HCG is a hormone. Is it dangerous?

HCG is a complex protein mixture, which we all owe our lives to. It protects and nourishes the unborn baby. This is in contrast to all harmful chemical hormones found in meat, farmed salmon, chicken, the birth-control pill and the morning-after pill. From our 60 years of combined experience with  HCG and Simeons protocol, there seem to be no contra-indications following an HCG-treatment. We have never encountered one. HCG should not be confused with the growth hormone HGH. The use of human growth hormone may be dangerous.

I have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), and have taken chemical thyroid hormone for years and yet I keep gaining weight little by little. Is this program for me? I remain listless and depressed.

This, as experience shows, is the only weight loss program that really works with a slow thyroid. However, the chemical thyroid hormone according to Simeons can prevent weight loss. This is a common phenomenon. We recommend a natural form of thyroid support.  See: www.feelingfff.comwww.thyroid-info.com.

I want more guidance after the cure. Are there any ‘educational’ sites about this subject?

I am a wine lover. Can I drink this during the cure?

If you drink wine during the 1st Stage of the cure you will stop losing weight.

What would be a reason to seek coaching from Dr. Laurina?

Dr. Laurina: “Coaching is very important if you have past experience of gaining back weight after losing it.  This weight gain is usually caused by lifestyle and emotional or mental patterns. These patterns can change with coaching.”

What would be reasons to call Dr. Dirk?

Dr. Dirk: “You might seek coaching if you feel that you are stuck because of lacking the answer to specific questions you cannot find in the book. Rather than just guessing or maybe not having success, reach out and give Dr. Dirk a call.