I specially devote this program to everyone struggling with weight loss despite already making healthy lifestyle changes. I have written my book to instill hope and help you overcome obesity. This book is also helpful for parents of overweight children. Although parents always try to do the best for their children, they often lead by the wrong example, simply because they do not have all the information.

The three steps of the HCG* program

  • Stage 1:

    losing weight, cleansing your body and moderate exercise

  • Stage 2:

    stabilizing your weight and eating healthy and more intensive exercise

  • Stage 3:

    staying healthy and vital for life

The HCG* program is not a diet!

Dieting almost always produces a lot of stress. It can lead to food obsessions, overeating, feelings of disappointment, guilt and depression. These are some very serious consequences of dieting. This program is different. You will develop healthy eating habits and lifestyle patterns that you can apply to your daily life. This is the first step to maintaining a permanent healthy weight and lifestyle. Decide — right now — to never go on a diet again. This decision will add to your health and longevity.

* When we speak about HCG we refer to the three kinds of HCG currently available: Weightdrops™, homeopathic HCG or the form Simeons used.