Nans P.

The story of Nans P: -55 pounds in 4 months; I couldn’t lose any weight before combining this program with treating my thyroid problem.

In addition to continued weight gain, I was tired, depressed, lost my hair, and had migraines. I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. With the combination of the HCG-program and natural thyroid hormone, I lost 55 pounds in 4 months. Within a year I was vital, happy and full of live. My weight has stayed normal and I am physically active again. My hair is healthy and my headaches are gone, too.

Nans P.Limburg, the Netherlands, January 2010
Maarten-Jan W.

The story of Maarten-Jan W: -60 pounds in 40 days; you have to organize yourself to maintain this.

2006 is a memorable year for me. I started Dr. van Lith’s HCG treatment weighing 320 pounds. I was not in shape, had no energy and felt very insecure about my body in multiple ways. During the first treatment of six weeks, I lost 60 pounds. I was never hungry and saw it as a challenge to cook nice meals with the few ingredients that are allowed, and I swam every day. After six weeks, I felt great, had a lot of energy and was very satisfied with my results and body. I did not stick to the rules during maintenance, however, so I had gained 11 pounds back. Six weeks later I started the second treatment and lost 33 pounds. I felt better and my confidence about my body grew, helped also by all the positive remarks from the people around me. The best reaction was from one of my best friends who had not seen me since I weighed 320 pounds, then saw me with more than 80 pounds of weight loss. I am now in my third treatment and have lost another 26 pounds already. It’s easier now to handle stress at work, due to the weight loss as well as the lifestyle change. I am still going em and will reach my goal early next year. HCG will make you lose weight but you have to organize yourself to maintain this. My life is better now; I have energy and can do things I could not do earlier this year. I am convinced that this treatment, and maintenance, combined with changing and improving your lifestyle, is the best method to lose weight permanently and start living healthy.

Maarten-Jan W.Amstelveen, the Netherlands, 2006

The story of Hilal K: -22 pounds, the program is so much better than what I expected.

I lost 22 pounds during the 6 weeks program. Even though I’m a student living in a dormitory, it was not too difficult to follow. Some days when I was under more stress, for example during exam weeks, it was harder to follow as I felt more hungry. But that happens anytime I am under stress. I was able to control myself most of the time. When I did not follow the guidelines, I didn’t lose weight for the next 3 or 4 days. When I did follow the guidelines, I lost about a pound a day. I have finished the program and as a result, I am eating a healthier diet than before the program and so far I’ve maintained my weight loss. The program is so much better than what I expected. I wasn’t sure if it would work because of the short time frame, but it definitely works if you follow it.

Hilal K
Hilal KNewington Connecticut, the U.S., May 2010

The story of Ronald W: -23 pounds in the first 20 days, and I never felt as healthy.

My brother Frank told me about his weight loss using the HCG cure. I was surprised to see his success in a relatively short period of time. So in August, 2010 I tried it, too. My weight was 189 pounds, and my waist was more than 40 inches. During the third week of the cure, I also stopped smoking. In my opinion, there is no better time to stop smoking because you don’t gain weight. After three weeks, my weight was down to 171 pounds and I had lost 3 inches in my waist! During maintenance, I also strictly followed the protocol. I lost another 5 pounds and was down to a 36 inch waist. Though I experienced some difficult moments, every day when I looked at the scale, my weight loss results gave me the motivation to continue. Two years later, in 2012, I was still exercising and had successfully changed my lifelong eating habits. I now eat with more confidence. For me, cutting the amount of carbohydrate intake in half, in favor of protein, and also only using omega 9 cooking oils in my diet, proved to be crucial. My weight stabilized at 166 pounds with a body fat percentage of 16%, a muscle mass of 42%, a moisture content of 61%, and a waist of 34 inches! I am very happy with my results. At 44 years old I have never felt so healthy: I feel younger and more vital and energetic than ever!

Ronald W.
Ronald W.Madrid, Spain, November 2012

The story of Herman K: -170 pounds in 20 months; any other weight loss method is a never ending story.

Both the HCG weight loss method and the results are fantastic! Almost every day, I saw positive outcomes and results in gradual weight loss. To me, there is no better incentive for accomplishment of my total weight loss goal than that. And that is especially true if you, like me, require more than a few cures to get a healthy weight, to reach your healthy goal weight. The more precisely you follow the program guidelines, and stick to them, the better the results. To skip a meal, for example, is counterproductive. If you eat less than the guidelines call for – or more – you slow down your own weight loss – follow it and it works.

Herman K.
Herman K.Groningen, the Netherlands, September 2012
Herman K.

The story of Herman K: -170 pounds in 20 months; any other weight loss method is a never ending story.

Both the HCG weight loss method and the results are fantastic! Almost every day, I saw positive outcomes and results in gradual weight loss. To me, there is no better incentive for accomplishment of my total weight loss goal than that. And that is especially true if you, like me, require more than a few cures to get a healthy weight, to reach your healthy goal weight. The more precisely you follow the program guidelines, and stick to them, the better the results. To skip a meal, for example, is counterproductive. If you eat less than the guidelines call for – or more – you slow down your own weight loss – follow it and it works.

Herman K.Groningen, the Netherlands, September 2012
Herman K Before

Herman before

and after the HCG cures

and after the HCG cures

The story of Tineke: -16 pounds; I was successful because of the supportive program.

I ate a varied diet within the recommendations of the dietary guidelines. The program was clear and easy to follow. I lost 14 pounds during the cure, followed by another 2 pounds in maintenance. I thought of the program as a kind of internal liposuction. I felt well during the cure as well as afterward. I learned to pay close attention to my eating habits. Your written materials have been a great support as well as being an excellent reference – and also a sharing of wonderful recipes for my use. Publishing it as a book will be much appreciated by others who make use of your HCG program, as well.

TinekeAmsterdam, the Netherlands, August 2012

The story of Jim S: from 253 to 204 pounds; no more health concerns, no more hopelessness; making change in life requires discipline.

At 49 years, I weighed 253 pounds. I couldn’t lose weight so I felt stuck. Added to my own feelings about being overweight, my wife was very concerned because of all the health risks. Feeling stuck, seeing no improvement in my weight or my health, it was hard to find the motivation to lose weight. And it was equally hard to find the right lifestyle to follow to help me lose weight and regain my health. I lived with a continuous feeling of hopelessness. With the HCG weight loss program, I began to lose weight immediately, about a pound a day. Because of it, I was able to find both hope and motivation. Priceless! I lost about 49 pounds in 6 weeks. The program represented change in my life so it required a lot of self discipline in the beginning. But almost immediately, I felt an incredible energy. My Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease/COPD improved with the weight loss. To stay on course after the cure remains a challenge as I change old habits. Improving my daily lifestyle is especially challenging because I have a busy profession, working around my farm. I am active with horses, archery, fitness, spinning, Nordic walking. hiking and more because I want my body to continue viewing fat as a direct fuel and not see it as stored protection or life stock.

Jim S
Jim SSt. Maartenszee, the Netherlands, August 2012

The story of Wendy K: I now have an abundance of energy thanks to a natural thyroid hormone.

Last September: 2009), Dr. van Lith prescribed a natural thyroid hormone (Armour Thyroid) and within two weeks I began to feel better. Besides this hormone, I needed vitamin D3, L-Carnitene, Selenium, Zinc and a Multivitamin without iron. I slowly felt brighter and happier, like a new person. I now have an abundance of energy. I started a fitness program which is going well. I feel like doing fun things and going out again. I feel very satisfied because my life has a purpose again.

Wendy K.
Wendy K.Zeist, the Netherlands, January 2010

The story of Thierry W: I’m full of motivation to continue my weight loss. 

When I heard about the HCG cure, I weighed 241 pounds with a waist of almost 47 inches. After finishing the first treatment, even though I didn’t strictly follow the eating guidelines, my weight dropped to 233 pounds and I lost 3 inches from my waist. On the days that I kept strictly to the instructions, I had no appetite and I lost almost a pound a day. I’ve continued exercise and based on the results I’ve already seen, I have now decided to tackle my weight loss more seriously. I am motivated to start my ‘real’ cure after Christmas. With the HCG cure I know I will succeed in continuing my weight loss – I plan to reach my goal of 190 pounds.

Thierry W.
Thierry W.Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 2012
Joke O. before

Joke before

and after the w8drops program

and after the w8drops program

Joke O

The Story of Joke O: from 211 to 134 pounds; the Weightdrops program is indeed a comprehensive and lifelong approach to weight loss and better health.

When I started the Weightdrops weight loss program, I was more than skeptical. I was also distraught and I didn’t believe it would be any different than other programs that don’t work or you can’t maintain your weight loss. Due to injury, I gained a lot of weight in a very short time. Before the injury, I was overweight so this just added concern. I experienced weight loss but I was hungry and also terribly cold. I then learned they signaled that my thyroid was not working properly. In combination with natural thyroid hormone medication, the hunger pangs and coldness soon disappeared. I lost 77 pounds in 2 rounds. And I’ve maintained this new healthy weight for one year. My deafening snoring disappeared and I have less joint pain – additional benefits! And I no longer needed prescription medication. I have enjoyed the new delicious foods that this program introduced to me.
I also learned about healthy products which suit me well, too. None of this was known to me before I learned about this weight loss program that encourages lifelong healthy habits. I also exercise daily and that’s one more way that I’ve profited from making use of the Weightdrops weight loss program. This weight loss method is indeed comprehensive program for me – six weeks of the cure, three weeks of maintenance, followed by the lifelong healthier lifestyle including healthier eating and increasing movement and activity.

Joke OGelderland, the Netherlands, July 2012

The story of Marko B: from 202 to 169 pounds; I’m now at a healthy weight and look younger.

I’m happy to say I’ve said goodbye to my old food habits and now practice the eating tips I learned during the HCG weight loss program. Before I started following the cure, in 2009, I had been overweight for five years. I had tried using different diets to lose weight, but the success was short-lived. By falling back into old eating habits almost immediately after being “on” a diet, I gained weight again. The “dieting” didn’t help me change my habits. Now, after losing weight using the HCG cure, I’m at a healthy weight and maintain it! I do not have to hold my breath anymore when I tie my shoe laces! That might sound like a small detail but when it’s part of everyday life, it’s big. I feel much better but what I really like hearing is that I look ten years younger. With the HCG weight loss program, I went from 202 pounds to 169 pounds in 33 days. My waist shrunk from 45 inches to 36 inches and my fat percentage dropped from 31% to 20%. It’s wonderful!

Marko B.
Marko B.Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 2009

The story of Miranda W: -57 pounds; I regained control of my life by making positive changes.

Through Dr. van Lith’s approach to weight loss, it became clear to me that eating is a habit, a way of life and that I could live with far less (over)eating. Due to my very intensive job as a consultant, I had developed several unhealthy eating habits and drank too much. It all caught up with me. I became overweight and I was no longer happy. I didn’t feel good and had less energy. So I decided I had to regain control of my life and make changes. During the first HCG cure, I lost 35 pounds, so continued with another and lost a total of 57 pounds!

Miranda W.
Miranda W. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 2008

The story of Sesni B: from 233 pounds to 149 pounds – the HCG program and supplementary Armour Thyroid – my health could have been better sooner if I had known of this treatment earlier.

Many women like me, who experience weight gain in menopause, are at their wits end. If the cause of it – less active thyroid – isn’t addressed, we have no control over our continuous weight gain. The desired weight loss from the HCG treatment followed by the use of natural thyroid hormone was the first time anyone addressed the cause of this problem for me and it greatly improved the quality of my life. My health could have been better sooner if I had known of this treatment earlier. This is a very successful program and other people should also benefit from it. For years, I could tell that something was physically amiss. I rationalized that I was approaching menopause and attributed it to age. I was exhausted, had high blood pressure and a heart rhythm disturbance. Though I sought help, the factor of low thyroid function was never considered, and so my problems – and annual weight gain of at least 10 pounds – continued for 7 years. When I hit 233 pounds, I felt desperate, this could not continue. I was employed at a teaching hospital and asked the dietician for help. Her advice was physical exercise and to ‘try’ to keep the weight stable. She had no idea how to help me further. Then in 2009, I heard of Dr. van Lith’s program. The lab results along with a very low morning temperature made him suspect that I might have a sub-normal thyroid function, which proved to be the case. The HCG program and dietary recommendations were easy to follow and my energy increased almost immediately. Using the HCG treatment, I lost 84 pounds in 5 months and reached my desired weight of 149 pounds. And I have easily maintained my weight for the past 3 years because I follow Dr. van Lith’s nutritional advice for maintenance. My greatest fear, weight gain, did not happen. Of course, such substantial weight loss could not go unnoticed by my colleagues at the hospital where I worked. The dietician was both amazed and happy for me. Naturally, she was interested in the program that had facilitated this seemingly ‘miracle´ so I put our head dietician into contact with Dr. Dirk van Lith. It’s wonderful to have lost the weight but my health has also made an enormous leap forward. A thousand thanks to Dr. van Lith for his support and expertise!

Sesni B.
Sesni B.Ede, the Netherlands, December 2009

The story of Yvonne L: -55 pounds in 4 months; no yoyo after one year.

With a history of 25 years of bulimia, I had given up hope for a normal body and eating pattern. Numerous diets caused only a limited success. The result was a much too heavy and unhealthy body. I felt insecure, tired, and any physical exercise seemed like too much. I felt older than my age, exhausted and had no energy. I was fed up with all these limitations. At first I was quite skeptical about the HCG weight loss program. I now feel younger, prettier and have more energy than ever. The urge to consume unhealthy food disappeared, something that continues to amaze me, because I linked emotions to food. Now it seems that my body works like a well-oiled machine. It only requires the right ‘fuel.’ My food choices have permanently changed. Weak moments are still there but not for long. My quality of life has increased incredibly. I have confidence and pride again and I enjoy life more. In short, my life is back to normal again.

Yvonne L.
Yvonne L.Limburg, the Netherlands, August 2012

The story of Rhodin: I lost a total of 99 pounds; now I am a confident person, I’ll never go back to my old ways.

Ever since my early teens, I was always overweight. I didn’t care what I ate and slowly, over years, I gained a lot of weight. Every year when I visited my mom, she had a look of shock on her face due to my weight gain. I was obese and had really high blood pressure. I wouldn’t diet or exercise. Then my mom successfully lost weight using the HCG treatment and that made me realize how unhealthy I had been living so I tried it, too. I made a commitment to not give up during the 6 week treatment. To my surprise, the ‘diet’ was easy, I barely felt hunger. There are even times where I wasn’t hungry at all but still had to comply with the treatment so had to eat. A year has gone by and I have lost a total of 99 pounds. The diet has taught me how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. Now I am a more confident person who looks forward to life, full of energy. My blood pressure level is back to normal and I look and feel great. I will never go back to my old ways. I thank Dr. van Lith for all his efforts to help me and also my parents, especially my mom, who has supported me all the way through the diet.It is such a marvelous sight to see how different these two pictures are, isn’t it? I too am quite surprised.

RhodinEindhoven University, the Netherlands, January 2008
Rhodin before

Rhodin before

and 6 months later; 99 pounds lost!

and 6 months later; 99 pounds lost!