For me, developing our WeightdropsTM program, as it is described in our books, was a dream come true because we know after working with thousands of people all over the world that it means the end of so much suffering, disease and even early death. While working with this wonderful weight loss method, we discovered, as many other health professionals do, that a lot of people need more mental and emotional support. The empowerment tips that I have added in our books will enable you to overcome these mental challenges and feel our support. I want you to know that you are not alone in this and that there is a way out. The secret of experiencing success from the empowerment tips is simply in doing them, using all these tips – even if you are skeptical at first.

Some facts about Weightdrops

  • W8drops is a mixture of supplements, considered to be safe by the FDA

  • W8drops nutritional guidelines and the protocols are precisely the same as in the now abandoned HCG Simeons Cure

  • W8drops has proven to powerfully support fat burning in the abdomen and thigh area resulting in losing pounds and inches

  • W8drops is applied as sub-lingual drops – 4 after waking up in the morning and 4 before going to sleep at night – a total of eight (8) drops daily

  • Obesity is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes and infertility. It is considered a serious health hazard and the Dutch cancer society does consider it as the number one cause of early death.

  • A well-balanced lifestyle should be the goal for any responsible weightloss program: a combination of healthy eating, exercise and stress management.

  • W8drops is not a hormone

Dirk A.F. van Lith

Dr. van Lith graduated from Leiden University as a general practitioner. He specialized in Amsterdam, Antwerp and the U.S. as a doctor in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) and physician in preventive medicine (MPH). He initiated several international Post Academical (called ‘Boerhaave’) Courses at the Leiden University hospital and published many scientific medical articles and several medical books. Read more →

Dirk A.F. van LithM.D., M.P.H., D.T.M.&H.